Popular Effects Used in Rock music

Here in this segment, you are going to know about the various effect pedals of rock music. So all you music lovers just brace yourself as you are simply going to love what’s coming to you!

popular effects

Based on the kind of music you want to play, you will have to think about the different effects which are usually employed for your preferable genre. In some instances, you are simply not going to make use of a death best metal distortion pedal especially if you are thinking about country music. But then again, you should try that one out as the result might be something awesome. Just remember there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to creating music. But to make you clear about the different effects used in different music genres, here is a clear break-down.

Distortion effects

Distortion is amongst the most renowned part of electronic guitars, especially rock genres such as rock, hard rock as well as metal. It mixes a normal guitar sound with harmonic multiplications via the use of an analog circuitry to make several sounds – from a fuzz sound to an overdrive amp sound and even further. This kind of distortion effect is mainly used in Death Metal and is also one of the most popular effects to be used in rock music. (more…)

Protect Your Guitar Against Damage

The guitar is a particular commodity. But there are plenty of players who collect beautiful guitars and then not dare play simply because they are afraid of scratches and damage. Understandable, but sin. What can you do to protect as effectively as possible your guitar? You can at least significantly reduce the risk by following the tips below.

protect your guitar

Getting your guitar in a good guitar case

The best way to get somewhere with your guitar is a solid guitar case. A cover is a good start but protects your guitar only partially. If you let fall hard guitar or have a big collision with something or someone, a sleeve protects but limited. A solid guitar case is an excellent protection. Even if you have to speak is going to throw it, then your guitar survives it. The cost for a good suitcase is very subjective. Rather a well-protected guitar for a few bucks more than a damaged guitar.

Buy a good standard guitar

There is much difference in standard guitar, but that’s not for nothing. For 10 euros you have a small standard, but there are also guitar standards for sale that are three or four times more expensive. The difference lies partly in the soundness of the materials and construction, but especially in the protection that the standard provides the guitar. A good rule ensures that a guitar can not fall out when you walk into. This can be a U-shaped stirrup structure which is on the guitar, but also by a valve or clamp that allows you to attach the neck to the standard. Especially on a small stage walk (or run someone) often against your guitar. If it is a low standard, that will provide little protection. So avoid having a good standard to make you fall over and guitar with his precious neck just Scheps or falls hard, with all its consequences! (more…)

Five Tips to Learn The Guitar like a Pro!

On the idea of a friend, who asked me to participate in an exchange of expertise, I would like to share with you five tips to help you learn guitar like a pro!

#Tip 1: It is better to play very slowly and correctly than play fast and wrong.

When learning to play the guitar, it is usually driven by the passion. And so we want to learn to play our favorite songs faster from the beginning of our learning. Even before a good foundation.

To play well, you have to take the time to learn properly.

Taking the time to do exercises with the application will allow you to avoid making bad habits.

learn play very slowly

For example, to learn to play chords progressions:

– It is good to break the note of each string to make sure that the fingers are positioned on each of the strings to play the desired chord.

– Then it’s good to learn each agreement separately to master it correctly (perfectly).

– Finally, you can work to chain agreements.

– But then again you will not forget to carry you to the rhythm. Using a metronome.

Practice play guitar properly is important but how much time do you need to practice?

play chords (more…)

strings acoustic electric guitar

Compare Strings of Acoustic & Electric Guitar

There exists a variety of musical instruments that are strung from guitar to ukulele and bass, and acoustic to electric. The make many variations in construction, and model of the device that there are various kinds of strings on the market. They vary in composition (alloy/material), length (to the scale length of the instrument) and thickness (among other things depends on the final vote). Strings are available separately or in complete sets. In this comparison, we mainly discuss the strings for acoustic and electric guitars!

Steel strings

Steel strings are used for acoustic (western/ folk) and electric guitars. The belt tension is in steel is much higher than that of nylon. Never use steel strings on a nylon string guitar! Steel strings often differ in the composition of metal (alloy) and finish. Both wound and non-wound strings (see the heading wrap wires) may be provided with a layer of nickel, chromium, silver, gold or titanium. For windings is, however, often used pure nickel, phosphor bronze or stainless steel. There are even steel strings with a nylon core: swallow & steel.

Nylon strings

Nylon strings are found on classical (Spanish) guitar. Unlike steel, strings are classified into low-tension, medium-tension, and high-tension string tensions. The high-tension nylon strings have a high voltage and thereby making a loud, clear and percussive sound. They are also popular with western guitarists who play classical and flamenco guitarists. Low-tension says warmer weather and plays the smoothest. Ideal for beginners. A nice middle ground is a medium-tension set. (more…)

help play guitar better

Help to Your Play Guitar Better

In many cases, you feel that there are still many sectors in which you lack in the skill of playing guitar efficiently, that can cause problems while playing and a disaster if you are playing in a concert.

For improving the technique of playing guitar you can follow the given suggestions below:

Set Your Targets



In order to start with the techniques, it is very important that you keep an aim in mind – like the genre of the music or the styles such as riffs, rhythm, fingerpicking, etc.  If you keep a target in mind, it will help you to focus on your weaknesses individually.

Your Mind Should be Relaxed & Clear

Whenever you decide to sit and start playing, make sure your mind is not congested with tensions or thoughts which can hinder your concentration. Relax and start off with the exercises. Remember, the technique is the coordination between your memory, muscle, and skills. (more…)